WPCS offers a lot of services for our clients. Some of them are fairly obvious as to what they do (like Backups), but others may not be as familiar to people who don't live and breathe website maintenance.

This page will provide an overview about each of the various services we offer (if you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask us). The services are split into 4 categories:

  • As Needed - Performed when the need arises (such as updates)
  • Recurring - Performed on a regular basis (weekly, monthly)
  • Perpetual - Services that are constantly running
  • Other - Additional a la carte services

As Needed

WordPress Updates

Like the apps on your phone, WordPress is constantly being updated. These usually add new features, fix bugs, and, most importantly, apply security patches. Not updating leaves your site vulnerable to those who would try and mess things up. There are also times people will choose not to update because updating 1 piece breaks another piece. WPCS ensures that you're always running the most current and secure version, and that everything works with no errors.

Theme/Plugin Installation

When buying a car, many people will remove that crummy factory radio in favor of a sweet new sound system. Similarly, WordPress allows you to upgrade what it normally comes with using Themes and Plugins. What doesn't usually happen is the new radio causing the back seat to disappear. Unfortunately, incompatibilities when adding new pieces is a common occurrence. Our WPCS team will make sure that any new pieces work properly with the existing parts so you never have to worry about downtime.

WordPress Hardening

When WordPress is installed, most people leave the default settings in place. This means there are a LOT of people running VERY similar versions. For a hacker, this removes a lot of the guess work in trying to figure out how to get in. The "hardening" of WordPress that WPCS does is the process of changing those settings. Hackers are looking for the easiest targets possible, so these changes increase the likelihood that they skip you and keep moving on.


Full Backups

A recent backup is like your auto or home insurance: Never be without it, and hope that you never have to use it. Having a recent backup ensures that the time that the backup was made is the furthest that you would ever have to rewind to if something catastrophic were to happen. WPCS makes sure that you always have a recent copy to go back to.

Security Scans

There are two security scans that we run: a Vulnerability Scan and a Malware Scan.

The vulnerability scan is like a security expert checking all the doors and windows on the outside of your home to make sure that no one can get in easily. Website code is always evolving, and new security holes are being found all the time. The scanner is constantly being updated with new things to look for, ensuring that even if the developers for your themes and plugins haven't checked to make sure their code is safe, we will.

Our malware scanner is more like a surveillance expert checking the inside of your home for hidden cameras after a break in. It reviews the code in all of the files for your site, looking to see if it's been altered in any way. If anything is found, we are notified and immediately work to fix the issue.

Performance Check

Because a slow website can mean reduced business, it's important to make sure that it's running efficiently. Our performance check will analyze key parts of the site and make recommendations on how to fix those that aren't doing well.

*WPCS will provide recommendations for improvements, but is not responsible for implementing those suggestions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Check

For many businesses, if you don't rank well on Google you might as well not exist. When you provide us with what keywords your site is using, our WPCS team will provide regular reports on how well your site is ranking for those keywords, as well as how you stack up against the competition.
*WPCS will provide recommendations for improvements, but is not responsible for implementing those suggestions.

Database Optimization

Having a file cabinet with junk mail next to your tax receipts means there is more to sift through when you're looking for that important document. The same is true for your WordPress database (that's what stores all of the posts, pages, and comments for your site). By periodically removing all the junk and reorganizing the files, your site can find and load the important stuff that much faster.

Uptime Monitoring

You've got more important things to do than sit and watch your website all day. In fact, we've spoken with many owners who go months without looking at it. Now although we do recommend peeking at it every once in a while, and in a perfect world you'd be able to check on it daily, we know business is never that smooth. We will develop a plan with you on what you want to happen if the site does go down, and then monitor it throughout the day, ready to spring into action.


Web Application Firewall (WAF)

A firewall acts as the bouncer to the super-awesome club that is your website, turning away the hooligans that try and cause problems. It inspects all data coming into the website and automatically removes any bad code, stopping malware before it ever reaches your site.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Imagine if you had to drive to your grocery stores distribution center every time you wanted to go shopping. There is extra time involved in traveling all the way there. Plus, with only 1 location, that is where everyone else is going as well. Like your local store, a CDN provides a much closer location to serve people from. It offers all the same products that are at the distribution center (a copy of your website) and gets new deliveries on a regular basis (updating the copy it has). This allows for a greater number of visitors at once (10 CDN servers vs. your 1 server) and reduces the workload on your website (it now only has to serve the handful of CDN servers instead of every new visitor).

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

When someone visits your website, it is not a direct connection between their computer and your server. There are multiple systems in between, like passing a note to your friend in grade school. If your note is written in plain English, that Timmy could read it and announce your secrets to everyone. But, if you write it in a secret code that only you and your friend know, someone in the middle won't be able to read it. An SSL works the same way. It encrypts all the information that goes between your website and your visitors, protecting things like passwords and credit card numbers.

Status Report

Every month, WPCS will provide you a detailed report on all the actions that we've taken. Updates performed, backups made, total uptime, etc. WPCS makes sure you're aware of what's going on with your business' website.



Hosting refers to the servers that your website lives on. These servers are essentially computers like the one in your home, but are optimized for storing websites. Like renting an office in a building, we take care of the day-to-day for the location itself, like providing power. We offer multiple types of hosting to best fit your needs.


The process of moving a website from one server to another is called a Migration. Similar to you moving to a new home, this is packing up all of your files and database information and installing them at the new location. How the site was made and it's current setup can have a big impact on how easily it is to move. We have the experience to ensure that the migration is a complete success.

Content Creation

Have an existing site but need some help with adding content? We work with professional writers that will ensure your website portrays your business in the best possible light.

Site Design

Need a website, but don't have the time to do it yourself? WPCS can build your business a website in as little as 7-10 days. 

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