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Hi, I'm Tory. I started  WPCareshield with the goal of making it simple for a business owner to keep their website safe, giving them more time to actually run their business. 

Over the last 20 years, creating a website has gotten easier and easier. You buy a domain, get a low-cost hosting account, watch a few YouTube tutorials, and have a functional site relatively quickly. Anyone with the time and the desire can do it, all without having to know any coding.

But that same ease with which this can be done has lead to people jumping in without understanding all the possible problems they can run into. They don't know the risks involved in not updating their code against new security risks. They don't appreciate how important having regular backups done is. Unfortunately, they don't realize how quickly all their hard work can be wiped out.

While we admire and support everyone who chooses to invest the time and energy to learn to do it themselves, it's not realistic to expect everyone to become an expert. WPCS is here to help address this. We work behind the scenes to ensure that their website, that invaluable portal to countless numbers of customers, simply works.

Our team has years of corporate experience in fixing and maintaining websites for customers large and small, and we decided it was time to make that expertise available to the everyone.


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